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Discount Kids Area Rugs

A kid’s carpet is a wonderful addition to a daycare or elementary school classroom. However, learning carpets for kids can be expensive. To make things more affordable, RTR Kids Rugs is happy to offer a wide selection of discount area rugs in various themes, patterns, sizes, and designs. We are able to offer you cheap kids rugs because they are Factory Seconds.

So what are Factory Second classroom rugs?

They are irregular classroom rugs that do not meet the rigid first-quality standards of the Carpets for Kids team. Although called 'irregulars', these children's rugs are considered Class A seconds because they could have small dye spots or small streaks where the dye did not catch, or other minor optical defects that may include backing flaws or a seam that hasn't been sewn perfectly straight. Many times, these flaws are small so they are hardly visible to the naked eye, and the overall construction is high-quality and durable. All of these rugs have the Carpets for Kids 1st Quality serge around the edges and are of good construction - no holes or tears. The rugs found in this category are sold as is with no warranty and are very popular with classroom teachers looking to stretch their budget!

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Cheap Carpets for Kids

Any teacher looking to stretch his or her budget will find our discount kids rugs to be a great choice. Nothing captures the interest of children like these fun and brightly colored carpets. They meet all code requirements, so they are a safe addition to any learning environment. Limited quantities. Order quickly before they sell out!